Today more than ever the world is moving towards project-based work. The jobs of business analysts and solution builders are intermingled with project environments and management of projects. PMI has recognized the need to educate and certify the role of the business analyst as viewed through the lens of the project. With the introduction of the (PMI-PBA®) credential, PMI is formalizing the importance of BA work in the project management world. They have highlighted specific knowledge areas, skills, and published materials which describe the value of business analysis to projects, and built the new PBA certification around them.


Course Outlines:

  • Introduction: Identifying Key Requirements Management Definitions

The field of business analysis is rich with terms, concepts, tools, techniques, and processes. This beginning section sets the foundation of key terms to know in order to prepare you for the five domain areas and forty knowledge and skills areas that are part of the exam.

  • Needs Assessment

The first domain is the needs assessment where people begin their requirements process and the activities that lead to project success. Emphasis is placed on the processes used to define the business problem or opportunity. In this section we review how to effectively perform these tasks.

  • Planning

In the Planning Domain your focus will shift to put the proper requirements management activities in order. The person performing business analysis work will determine which tools, techniques, policies, or procedures are necessary to prepare the requirements management plan.

  • Analysis

Analysis of the requirements involves eliciting requirements from stakeholders and making sense of what has been revealed. This domain includes performing the following requirements activities: eliciting, analyzing, decomposing, accepting, approving, specifying, and validating.

  • Trace-ability and Monitoring

Identifying the status of requirements throughout the lifecycle of the project and communicating critical information related to requirements is an important factor for project success. This domain is concerned about managing, examining, and sharing requirements information with the project stakeholders.

  • Evaluation

The final domain topic examines if the delivered solution achieves the business need and satisfies the requirements. These activities could include solution testing, gaps analysis, and final sign-off.


Benefits of this Training Program:

  • Increase your odds of passing the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PMA®) the first time
  • Become one of the first individuals to pass the certification
  • Advance your career opportunities and career path options in the business analysis profession
  • Shorten study time by streamlining the recommended exam resources
  • Help grow the profession of business analysis
  • Learn the essential areas necessary to pass the exam