In today's fast-paced, technical business environment, numbers are everything. Much of our success hinges on how well we can manage the data - statistics, planning, reporting - that we encounter on a daily basis. We learn how we are doing and discover our next course of action by studying numbers. An incredibly powerful tool for doing this is Microsoft Excel 2010.

Excel 2010 is the standard spreadsheet application for both the business world and personal use. Kiwi courses for Microsoft Excel will teach you basic to advanced features of Excel.

Whether you are new to Excel or an advanced user, Kiwi Excel courses will cover what you need to know to become an Excel power user.


Course Outlines:

Basic Excel 2010

  • Starting excel
  • Open an existing worksheet
  • Creating new work book
  • Save a workbook
  • Entering data
  • Format worksheet
  • Change column width and row height
  • Hide and unhide rows or columns
  • Merge cells
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Auto sum
  • Copy cut and paste
  • Insert and Delete column and row
  • Create borders
  • Merge and center
  • Background color
  • Move to new worksheet
  • Header and Footer
  • Change page orientation
  • Print
  • Find and replace
  • Spell check
  • Absolute references
  • Create chart
  • Statistical function
  • Password


Advanced Excel 2010

  • Nested if
  • Sumif & sumifs
  • Countif & countifs
  • Filter
  • Filter with search
  • Filter with date
  • Filter with Number
  • Advanced Filter
  • Unique Records
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot Table
  • Pivot Chart
  • Links
  • Data Validation
  • Drop List
  • Data Validation
  • Drop List
  • Custom
  • Hyperlinks
  • Define Names
  • Create a Chart
  • Subtotal
  • Addition Topics
  • Excel Functions