Outlines: 20 Hrs
  1. Introduction to MySQL as an Open Source Database
    • Explain MySQL
    • List the advantages and disadvantages of MySQL over other RDBMS
    • List the advantage of PHP in MySQL
    • Discuss the Licensing of open source
  2. Installing and Configuring MySQL
  3. Using MySQL
    • List Naming Conventions used in MySQL
    • Create a Database and Tables
    • Use Data Types
    • Implement the concept of Referential integrity and indexing
  4. Implementing the SQL queries using MySQL
    • View and Alter the database
    • Select and Display the data from a table
    • Change the table definition
    • Delete a table along with its table definition
    • Work with keys
    • Work with indexes
    • Manipulate tables
    • Control the output using ORDER BY clause
    • Organize the output using the GROUP BY command
  5. Using Joins
    • Concept of Joining Tables
    • Equi-Join
    • Inner-Join
    • Outer-Join
    • Self-Join
    • Sub-Selects and UNION
  6. Using Basic Functions in MySQL
    • Use GROUP BY and HAVING clause in MySQL queries
    • Use the Mathematical functions
    • Use the Date functions
    • Use the String functions
    • Use the system information function
  7. Controlling and Managing MySQL database
    • Create User Account
    • Allocate appropriate privilege to user
    • Alter privileges
    • Control user access to the database with the help of privileges